Darulquran London


Course Information :

The Alimiyyah Programme offered by Darul Qur’an London is a well-designed and structured Islamic studies programme following the traditional madrasah curriculum. This programme is uniquely structured and well-suited for students and professionals alike who would like to pursue their higher Islamic educational goals but are unable to travel overseas. 

The part-time nature of the programme allows students who have the thirst for seeking knowledge in a classical and traditional format to attain these goals with local scholars without having to comprise on their academic studies and career.

Ideal Candidate

Our students, unlike at many other institutions, are expected to engage themselves in the learning process at a very high level by actively analysing and synthesizing the content under study.

To avoid compromising the quality of the programme and its graduates, Darul Qur’an London only accepts students who are well-suited for the course, serious about their educational goals, and most importantly are sincerely seeking to learn the language of the Quran and its sciences.