Darulquran London


Course Information :

Qur’an (Ijazāh) Level 10-11 is suitable for those students who are able to read with fluency and successfully finish the level 9.

They will learn from the classical Tajweed books.

Alongside with Ijazah, the students will learn about Advanced Aqeeda, consisting of knowledge about various Islamic and non-Islamic sects, Shiaism, Qadianism, Christianity etc, and Advanced Seerah consisting of Seerahs of righteous caliphs.

  • Surahs: Surah Al Mulk, Surah As-Sajdah, Surah Al Waqi’ah, Surah Al Rahmaan, Surah Yaseen, Surah Al Kahf.
  • Islamic Studies: Imaan Institute’s Diploma in Islamic studies consisting of laws of financial transactions, matrimonial laws, social etiquette, Halal and Haram in food & beverage, etiquette of clothing and ornaments, interaction between genders etc.