Darulquran London

About us


Our Story

Darul Qur’an London was established in August 2015 to fulfil the urgent needs and demands of the Muslim community of Camden and its surrounding areas for high quality religious and moral education. Darul Qur’an began its humble journey in the basement hall of Al-Rahman Mosque and Education Centre (NW11NW). At that time, it was the first ever fully structured Hifzul-Qur’an and Islamic supplementary school in the Camden area of London. With the grace of Allah, within a very short period, its number of students grew exponentially. Consequently, Darul Qur’an London opened its Queens’ Crescent branch in May 2017. And, in September 2018, it expanded its branch to Kentish Town Baitul Aman Mosque as well.

Darul Qur’an London was in need of its own premises where it will be able to operate independently and implement its various prospective projects. Therefore, in October 2021, it acquired its own premises in Hamden Close, NW11HW (near King’s Cross St Pancras International Station) – which does not only serve as an educational building; rather, as a masjid, community centre and a hub for all the members of the Muslim community of Camden. Having acquired these premises, Darul Qur’an London moved all of its branches to this new building.

Who Are We?

We at Darul Qur’an London pride ourselves of the highest quality of teaching. We have placed an obligation upon ourselves to teach the children of the community the fundamental principles of the Islamic religion, enabling our future leaders to understand and practise the day-to-day obligations which are required from them. We aim to instil Islamic values and characteristics derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah into the next generation of teachers and scholars.

We understand the importance of children being able to learn Arabic to enrich their lives. Therefore, we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility to teach Islamic manners, the rules of worship, reading and writing Arabic, Islamic beliefs, as well the Sunnah of the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam).

Why US?

Darul Qur’an London offers excellent teaching of the Holy Qur’an. At Darul Qur’an we strive to benefit our students both in the present and in the future. Being a Darul Qur’an student means to practically act upon the Hadeeth: “The best amongst you (Muslims) is the one who learns the Holy Qur’an and teaches it.” As teachers of Darul Qur’an we aim to fulfil our duty to teach our students the Holy Qur’an and other Islamic disciplines as best as we can.